Arrowhead Figure Skating Club

Wayne Hundley, President
Lea Appleton, Vice-President
Wayne Hundley, Treasurer/Membership
Trudy Gale, Secretary
Kathleen Doramus, Testing
Richard Falk, Web

Membership Benefits

  • Automatic membership to U.S. Figure Skating, which includes a subscription to Skating magazine
  • U.S. Figure Skating testing and competition privileges
  • Club voting priviliges
  • Club Social events for both skaters and their families
  • Networking and fellowship opportunities for sharing informatioin and uniting with others with similar interests and goals
  • Many opportunities to volunteer

Membership Application/Renewal

New members are always welcome. Please contact Wayne Hundley if you have questions about membership in the club.

New members: Application form''

Current members: The new skating year starts July 1, 2015. Renewal forms will be sent by mail to all current members.

Club by-laws''

In Progress.

Last updated: January 1, 2018

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